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About us

SIBA is a bureau engaged in complex investment design in the field of construction. The activity of the company covers preliminary and spatial planning studies, related to the investment design, as a part of the construction process, consultations, assessments, and analyses.

The main activity of the design bureau is primarily directed toward complete investment projects such as residential, public, industrial, farm, production, and agricultural buildings, warehouse facilities, etc., interior of the designed buildings, and consultations.

Architectural bureau SIBA has acquired the necessary management experience and disposes of highly qualified executive stuff. The personnel - managerial and executive - possesses a high level of educational qualifications and an extensive experience in the organization and fulfillment of diverse project activities. The bureau disposes of the necessary team of experts and technical stuff.

The selection of highly qualified experts, for the entire design process of all parts, aims to attain a high quality and a timely fulfillment of the tasks under the negotiated terms.

All leading designers, responsible for the separate parts, possess full designer`s licenses from the relevant professional chambers.

The bureau maintains upright and stable commercial relationships with multiple Bulgarian manufacturers of building materials and finished building products. The same is valid for the major importers of a large array of such materials and products. The bureau works with subcontractor companies in view of specific types of project activities, related to all parts of the investment process.

The design bureau has established strict rules of adherence to the legal basis that regulates design and construction.

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